Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Deal With A Girlfriend Who Always Argues With You

Having a girlfriend who always seems to want to argue with you is not a fun experience, is it? It may leave you with a feeling of wondering why she is like that and what it is that you can do to stop her from being that way. Sometimes, the issue is somewhat in your control and sometimes, it is not. There are plenty of approaches that you can take if you are dealing with a girlfriend who always argues with you, depending on the situation that you are in, of course.

Here are 3 ways that I can think of for dealing with an argumentative girlfriend:

1. Find out if there is an underlying cause for that behavior.
I know a good friend who was dealing with a girlfriend who started to pick fights all of the time with him, and this came out of the blue because she was not like that when they first got with one another. Turns out the reason why she was feeling that way had little to do with him. What she was going through was a terrible situation at her job and she would come home all worked up about that and that would lead to her arguing with him. For him, the solution was to help her move into another job and now, things seem to be going great with them again.

2. Ignore her and find your own space when she is in that kind of a mood.
If she happens to have moments where she seems to be moodier than other times, you might want to find your own space when she acts like that. What this does is it removes you from getting into the argument any deeper and it also can kind of show her that you are not going to give that kind of behavior any attention. Think of it like girlfriend behavior modification, if you will.

3. Realize that this might be a sign it is time to end the relationship.
Sometimes, the only thing that you can do is to end the relationship. Another friend of mine ended up with a woman who was very argumentative and there was nothing that he could do to change that. The only solace that he could find was when he ended the relationship. There are some women out there who just are not cut out to do the relationship thing and if you happen to be with a woman like that, the best thing may be to just end it right now before you end up dealing with anymore grief.

How Do I Make Him Feel Sexually Attracted to Me?

You want to be able to turn on a certain guy, so that he ends up feeling like he only has eyes for you and he wants to be with you and not anyone else. The problem with that is, you are not as confident as you would like to be in your ability to make him feel sexually attracted to you and you know that this is something that you should work on if you can. Luckily, it really isn't that hard to turn on a man and when you know exactly what to do, you WILL become confident that you do have the knack to make him think about you and ONLY you.

Here is some advice on what you can do to make a man feel sexually attracted to you:

1. Learn to turn on your sexy voice.
When you speak to a guy in a certain tone of voice, that alone can turn him on quite a bit if it is done right. You might want to think of this as channeling your "inner Marilyn Monroe" though you don't have to replicate the way that she sounded. Just the sound of your voice, when used in the right tone, can definitely prove to be quite a turn on for a guy.

2. Make him feel wanted.
If you want him to want you - you need to be able to make him feel like he is wanted and desired. For most guys, satisfying their ego is a quick and easy way to make them feel sexually attracted to you. The more desired he feels by you, the more likely it is that he is going to start to feel the same desire for you. You can do this just by letting him know what it is about him that you are attracted to or by giving him a little more attention than usual.

3. Be seductive when you touch him.
There aren't too many guys out there who don't like the idea of having a woman touch them in a very seductive manner. If you can get him worked up just by a simple touch from you, you will know that you are definitely making him feel very, very sexually attracted to you and you won't have to worry about the possibility of him looking at another woman the same way that he looks at you. Try this out and see what kind of reaction that you get, I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Friday, March 15, 2013

How Do I Patch Things Up With Ex Girlfriend?

You really are not in that bad of a situation if you happen to still reside with your ex girlfriend after the break up. I know, at first it probably doesn't seem that way. You probably are already fearing what you are going to have to deal with, like the idea that she might be going out on a date while you are still at the apartment and then you are going to have to wonder what she is actually doing. However, there is a bright side to this.
Personally, I have actually been in this situation before. When I was 20, me and my then girlfriend got an apartment with one another and about 10 months later, we broke up. Like, the real kind of break up where I was sleeping on the couch. However, it didn't turn out to be that bad at all. It was kind of weird at first, but then I realized something - that I still had the chance to win her back pretty easily and I did.

What did I do?

First off, I gave her as much space as I could, being that we were in a 1 bedroom apartment. I took to the couch at night and kind of did my own thing when I would get off from work. Even though a part of me expected that she was going to end up dating someone, she didn't. So, when I would come home from hanging out, she would be right there and she would actually ask me what I did, if I had fun, that kind of thing.

After a week, I started to flirt with her again. Not so much so that it was obvious that I was trying to patch things up, but enough so that the sparks were still there between me and her. She flirted back a little and that went on for about another week. One night, I decided that I was going to try to take things to the next level.
I was going to make that night the night that we got back together.

I came home, in a really good mood and she seemed like she was happy to see me. She asked about what I had done, I was a little bit vague. That seemed to make her a little more interested in talking to me and the talking led to flirting and using a few seduction tricks that I knew quite well, we ended up back in bed.
The next night, I let it be up to her where I was going to sleep. I actually started to go to the couch, and she looked at me and said, "Nope, you are sleeping in here tonight" and she pointed to the bedroom. The point of this little story is, if you know what to do, still living with your ex girlfriend can be a very good thing if you want to win her back. It can make it pretty easy for you, so don't think that you don't have a chance, because you very well might have one.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great Online Dating Tips for Lesbian Moms

For many single lesbian women meeting a potential partner is hard enough, but when you have a child the process can be even more difficult. When do you bring up the fact that you are a single mom? Do you allow your child to meet your potential new girlfriend? Here are five great online dating tips for lesbian moms.

#1 - Be Open and Honest
Being open and honest on your online dating profile is probably the most important aspect when using an online dating site. Allowing your potential matches to see you as you really are is important. As a single mom, this becomes even more critical. Do not hide the fact that you have a child, but rather be upfront about it. This is not to be taken as though being a mother is a negative aspect to who you are. Some women have a problem dating those with children, while others embrace it. If the relationship ends up getting serious, the fact that you are a parent will come out at some point. Save yourself (and potential partners) the heartache and hassle of being honest from the beginning.

#2 - Don't Focus All Your Time and Energy
While utilizing the internet to meet lesbians can be exciting and fun, it is important not to focus all your time and energy into browsing profiles on the web. Remember to take time out to spend with your children. After all, they only stay little for so long. Try to keep a balance between searching for your new love and having fun with the "littlest" loves of your life -- your kids.

#3 - Take Extra Precautions
If you have been around online websites for long, you probably already know to take precautions when meeting someone new for the first time. However, it is extra important for single moms to remember this as well. Keep personal information (such as the name of your child's school, your address, etc.) private until you have had a chance to get to know the other person. In addition, always make sure your first meetings are in public places and that friends or relatives know where you are. While we like to believe that the person on the other end of the keyboard is trustworthy, it is still important to stay safe.

#4 - Are They a Good Role Model?
First and foremost, it is important to ask yourself if the woman you are considering as a possible partner is a good role model for your children. After all, if things work out they will be interacting on a regular basis. If you cannot answer this question as honest as possible without making excuses or feeling as though they are truly not, then it is possible that you have not met the right love interest yet. Remember, your children are a major part of your life and should be a major considering when you are making choices.

#5 - Wait Until the Time is Right
There is no hard rule on how fast you have to introduce a potential girlfriend to your children. In fact, it is usually best to wait until you know for sure that this woman will be in your life for a good period of time. Another good indication is that you feel that your children will gain insight, perspective, encouragement, and/or other knowledge by interacting with her. After all, it is the job of a mother to help raise their children by allowing them memories and experiences with others in order to gain worldly insight. If meeting your new significant other will allow them a positive role model in their lives -- with or without the status of your relationship -- feel free to introduce them.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Developing Assertiveness After A Spouse's Affair

I often hear from wives who feel somewhat powerless after their husband cheats or has an affair. They often also struggle with societal beliefs which seem to embrace the notion that women who try to work it out with men who cheat are lacking in self esteem or assertiveness. This societal message can be so rampant that the wives begin to wonder how to be more assertive while still trying to save their marriage.

I heard from a wife who said: "I feel like I'm almost losing myself while I'm dealing with the aftermath of my husband's affair. I want to stay married because this is a commitment that I made and I feel that it is the best thing for my children. However, sometimes I really worry that I am going to lose my sense of self. I wonder how a smart, successful, and generally decent woman could stay with someone who cheated on her. I do believe that my husband has ended the affair. I also believe that this was his first indiscretion. But this doesn't make me less angry and hurt. He does seem remorseful and he said he will consider counseling. But somehow, this all seems grossly unfair. I feel like it is me making the concessions. I am the one who has to get over the hurt and move on. I am the one who has to put my feelings and worries on the back burner and trust in this man who frankly has destroyed that same trust. How is this fair? I was talking to my sister about this the other day and she said I shouldn't push down my anger like this. She said that I need to assert myself. The problem is that I don't know how. I like peace and harmony in my family. I hate conflict. And I'm a little embarrassed for being this emotional. Plus, I'm not sure if my anger would even help anything. What is done is done. How is verbally expressing my anger going to help anything? How can I express my anger in a more positive way?"

Journaling Is A Wonderful Start: I can tell you what helped me when I felt exactly the same way in a similar situation. Journaling. I know that you may be rolling your eyes or thinking that you haven't journaled since high school but please hear me out. I too hadn't journaled since I took a writing class in college where we had to do something called the "daily pages." The idea behind this was to just let your thoughts flow in free hand until you had at least 750 words. The whole idea was to unleash your unconscious and to get into the habit of daily writing.

So after my husband's affair, I decided to try to daily pages again just to give all of the thoughts in my head an outlet. I did it exactly the same way as I had in college. I got out an old notebook computer and wrote until I had exactly 750 words and no more. It felt awkward at first. I had to force myself to do it the next morning. But over the course of a week, I started to look forward to it. I put a password on the notebook so that I didn't have to worry about anyone reading my feelings so that I could be free to express any petty, hateful, or spiteful feelings that I was too ashamed or embarrassed to actually express out loud. It felt wonderful to release those thoughts and feelings.

And, even better, it eventually moved me to take some action. Do you know why? Because when you write 750 words per day and you notice that day after day you are trying to work through the same hurtful issues, eventually you see a pattern. And you are motivated to break that pattern because you don't want to show up at the page the next morning griping about the same thing when you didn't take any action.
I know that this might sound corny, but I would encourage you to try it. Consider that it's totally free and it's completely private. No one has to know but you. And you can even delete the words at the end of your writing session if you want. But I suspect that eventually you may feel a similar sense of relief.

Asking Your Husband For What You Need Is A Good Place To Begin Asserting Yourself: When you journal, you may find that you have identified or isolated some themes for your anger. This will hopefully help you to pinpoint what you need or want. And when it does, you should not be shy about sharing this. Frankly, if you do not tell your husband what you want or need, then you run the risk of not getting it. And you deserve to get it. You will feel better and more in control if you don't wait for him to read your mind or to take action.

I know that the initial conversation might be awkward, but if you can make it clear that you are asking because you want to move on, most husbands will be receptive to this. In fact, many husbands in this situation tell me on my blog that they feel helpless and that they really want to help their wives to heal, but they just don't know how to go about it.

So to answer the question posed, my short answer would be that a wonderful way to start to asset yourself is through journaling because it feels so safe. And from there you can begin to assert yourself with in your marriage. If there is any positive that comes out of infidelity, it is that it can be a wake up call that allows you to craft the exact marriage that you want if you only ask for it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Make Her Orgasm Every Single Time

You know why your girl doesn't cum screaming your name EVERY time you hit the sack with her?
It's because she's BORED.

It doesn't mean she doesn't love you... but it DOES mean you're not exciting her.
And that's bad news because a BORED girl is a girl with wandering eyes and thoughts.
Because she likes hot sex just as much as you do... but even more than that most women have a very blurred distinction between LOVE and SEX.

Meaning, if you can get her cumming like a train and screaming your name loud enough to wake the dead and scandalise the neighbours then she'll NEVER so much as LOOK at another guy, no matter how hot he looks, how fancy a car he drives, or how much cash he has in his wallet.
So while it might seem a bit shallow, it's the truth: if you can keep a woman FULLY sexually fulfilled, she's yours forever.

So here are 10 simple steps to get her so turned on she'll be begging to have you inside her (and the longer you make her wait, the hotter she'll be).
  1. Start by kissing her. Women LOVE kissing (it's no accident call-girls and escorts will have sex with their clients but WON'T kiss them because it's so INTIMATE). So kiss your girl - long, hard and sensuously. And as you do, rub your hands firmly up and down her back, gently working your fingers under the bottom of her blouse, and start caressing her belly in circles, trailing your fingers over her skin. At the same time, gently kiss her neck, earlobes and collar bones.

  2. Run your fingers up her back to the nape of her neck, under her hair... and give it a gentle squeeze (alternatively, take her hair in your hands and pull firmly but gently).

  3. In one movement, slide the blouse up over her head OR unbutton it and slide it off her shoulders. Push her down onto the bed and go down with her, still kissing her as you do.

  4. Slowly start kissing down her body and GENTLY but FIRMLY, pin her arms above her head and hold them there as you kiss her all over. Your girl will LOVE this!

  5. Slide your hands behind her STILL KISSING and unhook her bra (if you need her help, don't get flustered - just smile and ask her to do it).

  6. Now here's a VERY important point: do NOT go straight for her breasts. By all means admire them and tell her how beautiful she looks but TEASE her by going back to kissing her belly, shoulders, arms, and everywhere BUT her breasts. TAKE YOUR TIME, and get close... and then move away. The MORE you do this the more she's going to be moaning and groaning for you to kiss her. Take as long as you can before you actually kiss her breasts and then tease her some MORE by taking your own sweet time before you even think about kissing her nipples. Trust me, this is going to drive her WILD.

  7. When she's wriggling and writhing, slowly kiss down her body to her belly using the same slow, teasing technique you used for her breasts.

  8. Gently slide of her trousers or skirt, kissing every inch of flesh as you reveal it (kiss down both legs and kiss and caress her feet and toes - most women LOVE this. Do NOT remove her panties yet.

  9. Kiss back up her legs until you get to her panties. Kiss all around them AND ON them... you don't need me to tell you where.

  10. When she can take no more, slide them off, kiss back up her legs and body and... give her what she'll be BEGGING you for.
It really is THAT simple... and will get her MORE turned on than she's EVER been before - either with YOU or with any other guy before you.
Building anticipation like this paves the way for her to have the most INTENSE orgasms you can imagine, and make her cum screaming your name... over and over again.

How to Tell If a Woman Is Sexually Attracted to You

You want to be able to tell if a woman is sexually attracted to you so that you know when to make your move on her. If you could just find some signs that a woman wanted you that way - it would change everything for you as far as your dating and your sex life goes. However, as most guys can attest to, it's not always easy to figure out when a woman is clearly showing you signs that she is feeling very attracted to you sexually. What are some body language signs that you can look out for so that you DO know when a woman wants you that way?

Here are a few body language signs to look out for if you want to know how to tell if a woman is sexually attracted to you:

1. She can't keep her eyes off of you.
If you see that she is making eye contact with you and that eye contact seems to linger a little bit too long, then you can usually take that as being a very good sign that she might feel sexually attracted to you. The more flirtatious that eye contact is, the better. You don't want to think that EVERY woman who makes any eye contact with you wants you like that, but you can assume that if you are getting serious stares from a woman that seem to be very flirty, that she probably does feel sexually attracted to you.

2. She is trying really hard to get closer to you physically.
The more effort she seems to be putting in trying to get next to you, the more likely it is that she is sexually attracted to you. That's not always the case, but most of the time it is. For example, if you are getting serious eye contact from a woman in a club and she is getting closer and closer to you, that is probably a GOOD time for you to try to take things to the next level.

3. She is touching you physically.
If she escalates to the point where she is touching you physically, that is also a pretty good sign that she is sexually attracted to you. You don't want to get it wrong, though, not every time a woman touches you is going to be a clear sign that she wants you sexually. However, when it comes after the flirting has already started and it happens to be an intimate kind of physical touch, that should usually be taken as a sign that she probably DOES feel sexually attracted to you.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Deal With Rejection in a Relationship

If you're trying to meet women, being rejected is always a possibility. Whether the girl is nice or cruel about it is irrelevant. Nothing will change the fact that you have been rejected, and most men would be so disheartened enough that they will simply give up and go home. However, being disheartened is simply the product of a wounded ego. It's not productive and engaging in self-pity will not help you meet the girl of your dreams.
So today, we will discuss several tips on how you can keep going even when you get rejected by a girl you like. We will discuss why it's not the worst thing in the entire world, and why indulging in self loathing can actually sabotage your ability to attract other women. In other words, dealing with rejection is largely a mental exercise. It's not about changing your pick up line or having a better smile (although those are also important). What's important is how you structure your mind to deal with certain failures.
Having said that, the first thing that you will have to understand is that not all women are the same. Even the most well thought out relationship advice cannot help you if the type of girls you talk to simply aren't that into you. Even under the best of circumstances, there's always a big chance that the girl will not respond favorably to your advances, either because of personal problems or simply because of her own personality.
In this sense, meeting a new girl is somewhat like gambling because nothing is certain and you won't know how things turn out until they've run their course. Most women won't actually slap your face or make a pithy remark about your manhood (although that can happen in certain cases). Even if some women are inclined to be cruel, many of them also do not want to make a scene.

What most of them will actually do is pretend that they're not interested in you, while others will simply try to stay closer to their friends. These are subtle signs that they are not interested in your advances and that you should try other prospects.

As long as you keep this in mind, you'll be fine. Being ignored is not the worst thing in the world and as long as you keep things in perspective, you'll be able to keep going. Keep your ego in check and self-talk yourself to try a different approach. Tell yourself anything you like, even if you don't find them completely convincing, as long as they can help you deal with bad situations. Self-talking yourself out of a bad situation is a conditioned reflex.

The more you practice it, the easier it will become. Once you've mastered it however, you'll have an easier time meeting new girls.

For example, tell yourself that you're just not in the right place, or tell yourself that her friends are sabotaging your efforts. The goal of these kinds of exercises is emotional. You are trying to protect your ego. Later, when you're alone, you can examine the situation more critically, but if you want to be successful with women then always avoid self-loathing.

By the way, do you want the simple secret for approaching any woman, anywhere and know exactly what to say to get her number?

Gay, Married and Living a Lie? It Doesn't Need to Be That Way

Life can be very difficult for a gay man, married, perhaps with children and still trying to convince himself that if he tries hard enough he can become straight and end that overwhelming urge for an occasional night away from home. The urge for a romantic interlude with a guy is constantly with him and yet the opportunity for a night out is few and far between. Anxiety ridden and living with the fear of detection but anxious to find a bit of quick fun and frolic with a suitable partner, he refuses the invitation of his co-workers to have lunch together, and instead, at considerable risk to himself, beats a hasty path to the nearest gay bar, bus terminal or public restroom in the hopes of meeting someone there that will provide the immediate sexual relief he just has to have, in order to focus on his work for the rest of the afternoon and be content to remain at home in the evening with his wife and children. This pattern repeats itself a couple of times a week, but in spite of his effort to deny expression to his urge for intimacy with another man, things never get any better. When he does manage to find a way to get out for the evening, he returns home ridden with guilt for what has transpired and promising himself if only he can get away with it this time, he will never do it again. And for a time he keeps his promise, throws himself into his work, attends to the needs of his wife and children until suddenly and without warning the compelling urge returns again, and again the course of conduct followed previously repeats itself ending in the same manner as before. He is after all a gay man, with all of the urges gay men have. The same urges heterosexual men have except that the object of desire is that attractive man noticed in the store the other day, instead of the gorgeous lady that crossed the street in front of him.

Surely the reader agrees with me and understands that the gay man's lifestyle is untenable given his personal circumstances, and that there needs to be some kind of intervention if things are going to improve. Positive change is unlikely, however, until he is sufficiently motivated to take the needed steps. Nothing can be done to change the past, but the real opportunity for change begins with "tomorrow", the first day of the rest of his life, his wife's and his children's. He has the choice of taking charge of his life and orchestrating the needed change, or making a decision by indecision and letting events take their course. Either way, a divorce is likely, financial considerations need to be resolved and the best interests of the children taken into consideration. A difficult path to follow, but one that will leave his wife in a position to lead her life free of deception. The children will be fine knowing that they are loved and will be properly cared for by both parents whom they will often see and visit. But what about the gay husband and father?

No matter how old he is when the change in lifestyle takes place, he is given a new beginning free to lead his life the way it was intended. Being gay is not a choice. The man written about in this article did not "choose" to be gay. He chose the traditional heterosexual lifestyle with wife and children, but found himself unable to make the transition from gay to straight in spite of his determination to do so. An entanglement difficult to resolve.
Being gay is increasingly seen as an irreversible circumstance of birth. Whether that will ultimately prove to be where the weight of authority falls or not, one thing is plain. It is unfair to his wife for the gay to conceal from her the constant inner struggle he is experiencing but unable to control on the issue of his sexual orientation. The better course is not to enter such marriages to begin with.

The dawn of a new day is at hand, the stigma of being gay is abating and the opposition to gay marriage is fast becoming a thing of the past. But until the legitimacy and morality of being gay and gay marriage is fully accepted, these difficult gay straight marital relationships need to be ended amicably, by a negotiated agreement of the parties, taking into consideration the needs of their children and each spouse. A life filled with the lies and deception usually found in a gay straight marriage doesn't have to be endured to the bitter end. It can be satisfactorily resolved right now. Whether the gay spouse comes out of the closet to end the marriage or it ends for some other reason is not important. What is important is that in the majority of cases it must be ended if long-term happiness is to be gained for both spouses. If he would be true to himself it will take the single-minded determination of the gay spouse to make that happen.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Future of Gay "I've seen the future of gay, and it's a beautiful and amazing thing"

Actually, at the outset, let me correct myself.  It isn't gay at all.  Or lesbian.  Or bisexual, for that matter.  It has no label.  It needs no label to define it or categorize it–to allow others to put it in this box or that one, so they feel more comfortable with it.  Rather, it's two people who love each other, regardless of gender.  It's the future of love.

As a fifty-something gay man, who's seen his struggles in a heterosexual world, it's easy for me to think the way I've known gay to be most of my life will remain the same for all gay people, regardless of the year or even decade.  And I could use that excuse to continue blabbing on about the same damn thing, over and over again, thinking my words reflect what's going on today.  But that would be a mistake.    

The world is a very different place now–or at least parts of it are–from what it was in the 1970s and '80s, and I have no reason to believe circumstances won't continue to evolve and improve for gay people.  So it's important to remain current in thought and to ensure my writing reflects that in some respect.    

To this end, let me tell you what gave me a glimpse into what I believe the future of love looks like.

For several weeks recently, I corresponded with a twenty-year-old, African-American student, who shared intimate details of his life.  What I learned gave me so much hope for young, gay people like him, and those who are coming up, even in a country where same-sex marriage is currently legal in only a handful of states.  I won't make you privy to the personal details he shared, but I will show you what love looks like for this young man, and many of his friends, who it would be incorrect to put any label on.

For them, sexual orientation is less of an issue than it's ever been.  They don't appear to be as hung up on who loves who as has been the case in the past.  There's almost a fluidity to their love, where, today, a young man may find himself drawn to someone of the opposite sex, and, tomorrow, he may find himself equally drawn to someone of the same sex.  To him, either situation feels not only natural but acceptable.  The fact he's attracted to one or the other is utterly irrelevant–rather, it's simply a question of who he feels more connected to at any given time.

Of course, there will always be those who are exclusively attracted to the same sex (me included).  And, chances are, they're open to their friends about that, their friends supporting them one hundred percent and vice versa.  To young people, same-sex attraction doesn't appear to have the same stigma it used to.  They don't see two men or two women together; instead, they see two human beings together.  It's not the genders of the people that matter so much as the feelings they share between them.  

Unfortunately, a dark cloud continues to hang over these young people, exerting a negative influence, and, from time to time, leading them to believe what they're doing is wrong: older people, usually their parents.  Their parents were raised to believe love looks only one way, and any other appearance of it is unacceptable.  On their own, these young people eagerly celebrate love in whatever form it takes.  But, still very much under the influence of their parents, whose love they need and count on, and affected by unnecessary labels, they sometimes find themselves confused between what feels right and what others think.  They are not yet able to separate needing approval and being who they innately are.

At some point in the not-so-distant future, these older people, and their old world ideals, will cease to exist.  And, when that happens, today's young people will feel free to love whomever they choose, no longer needing their parents for validation, approval, or love. To take that one step further, when those young people become parents themselves, their attitudes toward love will be very different from those of their parents, and, for them, whatever form love takes for their children will be normal.  It will make no difference to them whether their son or daughter comes home with a young man or young woman.  All they will hope for is that their children find love and are happy.  
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gay Marriage - Reasons to Legalize It!

This is a subject where different people have different mixed opinions on it, and most people do not even know what to think of the subject. In this modern world where there is always a campaign for equality, and the question remains, "Why can't same-sex couples get married"? That's their personal choice and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, and many well-known people support it as well. Do you know that the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates who is a heterosexual donated about $100,000 to a gay rights group offering support? When there is such influential backing it can help if the minds of few people can be changed by seeing things in a positive light. When equality and diversity is so important to people today it's only fair that everyone should be treated equally and have the right to marry whoever they want.
There are three basic human rights which support gay marriage. The first right being "The right to love" - This means everyone should have the right to love irrespective of it being a man or woman. The second human right states that "The right to express his or her sexual orientation" - This means if you want to love someone of the same-sex then you most definitely can. The third human right states that - "The right to express oneself" - So basically if you combine these three rights, everyone should have the right to love a man or a woman and what better way to express one's love than by getting married to the one you truly love. People have been getting married for years now and as the society develops so should the laws.

Countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and more all have legalized same-sex marriage. The fact that other countries can legalize same-sex marriage means that they recognize that the society has changed. The only reason that most countries will not legalize same-sex marriage is because of the countries heritage and religion. The country needs to move with the modern times like other countries have as it is considered discrimination by not allowing same-sex marriage. This is, as mentioned before, they are taking away the basic human rights that we all should have. It is definitely wrong to discriminate against anyone which is why racism laws and sexism laws were introduced. By allowing same-sex marriage they can allow people to go about their business and be happy knowing they are treated equal, no matter of their sexual orientation.
Gay people deserve happiness just as much as straight people, and happiness derives from the love and devotion that comes from marriage. While it's true that many gay people are happy with the arrangement they currently have. They have two incomes, successful careers, and if they don't have children they have more disposable income, but they commonly still feel like something is missing.

The reality is that homosexuality is actually multidimensional, and altogether, more to do with love and closeness than it is about sex. This really is what all gay relationships and gay marriage survives on; mutual attraction, love, and affection. Sex can surely often be a method of showing that affection, the same as it can be for heterosexuals.