Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Get a Girlfriend Back After She Cheated

Girlfriend Back After She Cheated
Discovering your girlfriend has cheated on you is devastating. The betrayal of trust, pain of shattered love, and the blow to your self-esteem are utter anguish. Consequently, it can be very confusing if, in the middle of all this, your girlfriend claims she wants you back.
Do you know how to get a girlfriend back after she cheated on you? Should you give your girlfriend a second chance? Do you really still want to be with the kind of person who would cheat on her boyfriend? How do you get a girlfriend back if you don't know if she'll cheat on you again? For that matter, how can you ever trust your girlfriend again? Is she even sincere in her apology?
Fortunately, there are some signs to look for that will tell you if the relationship can be saved, and how to get a girlfriend back. Here are some questions to ask.
What Type of Affair Was It?
If it was a Love Affair-a long-term, emotionally involved affair-then the chances of repairing your relationship with your girlfriend is poor. Essentially, your girlfriend has fallen in love with someone else, and that will get in the way of fixing your relationship. Although not impossible to recover from, will be difficult and require a lot of work and sacrifice.
If it was just a Fling-a purely physical affair, usually brief and anonymous with no emotional involvement-there is good chance you can repair your relationship, and just need to figure out how to get a girlfriend back and overcome the infidelity. Flings are the easiest affairs to recover from because they are meaningless, emotionless, and often the product of a temporary lapse in judgment.
Look at Flings this way. Everyone makes mistakes. If YOU got drunk at a party, had an attractive woman pounce on you, and in your uninhibited state you made a very poor choice, wouldn't want your girlfriend to give YOU a second chance?
Is the Affair Over?
Actions speak louder than words. If your girlfriend is truly sorry, and really wants you back, she must end the affair immediately, or be willing to do so if you ask. Your girlfriend must cut off ALL contact with that person (no "just being friends").
It is impossible to rebuild a relationship shattered by infidelity if the "other man" is still there tempting your girlfriend and dividing her attention and emotions. But, if your girlfriend has ended the affair and cut the person out of her life completely, all in the effort to win you back, then that is a very good sign that your relationship can recover.
On the other hand, if your girlfriend hasn't completely ended the relationship with the new person, and refuses to do so when you ask, you have to question her sincerity about getting back together. Without action to back it up, apologies, and professions of love are just empty words.
If your girlfriend wants you back but won't end the affair, you may be being strung along. Down that path lies only more rejection and heartache. If this is the case, you should break the relationship off altogether before you get hurt more.
Can You Forgive?
Even if your girlfriend is willing to do whatever it takes, if you can't forgive her, the relationship may still fail. If you try to get revenge, attack her by throwing the affair in her face, or use it as leverage in an argument... is that really how to get a girlfriend back? No. You are only going to drive her further away. If you can't forgive your girlfriend, don't give her a "second chance" in the first place.
Rebuilding a relationship torn by infidelity takes a lot of work on BOTH sides. Sure, you are hurt, angry, and distrustful. But you have to explain your anger to your girlfriend, not take it out on her. You have to share your pain with her to create understanding, not use it as a weapon to punish or manipulate. You have to rebuild trust slowly, not watch your girlfriend like a hawk. If you can't do this, the relationship will never heal.
Finally, when the anger and pain has subsided and trust has been rebuilt, you have to forgive your girlfriend. This doesn't mean you have to approve of the affair, or forget it happened, but put it behind you as a bump in the road of your relationship, not a roadblock.
One last thing-give your girlfriend the benefit of the doubt and a second chance ONCE. A girlfriend who cheats a second time wasn't really sincere in the first place, and it will probably continue to happen. End the relationship now. Visit adults.chat to find out more regarding adult chat room